First day of Plastic Free July ……….🤪

So, off I go.

I’ve set some parameters for myself.

My goal is to not bring any plastic into the house during July. I don’t mean literally – I mean not buy anything encased in plastic during July.

I already have stuff in the house which is in plastic but it would be ludicrous to banish all plastic and waste the stuff inside it as well.

Also, I have three other adults in the house. Although they are pro my reduction in plastic use they haven’t signed up to the event themselves so anything they bring in doesn’t count (although I will engage in a discussion!)

Anything that does come in I will declare and save until the end of July.

To deal with plastic that is already in the house I will try to reuse as much of it as I can. So I will have two residual piles at the end of the month. Stuff that has come in and stuff that was already in but can’t be reused. Any of that that can be recycled will be and hopefully the landfill pile will be very small.

I’m quite excited. My friend Tracey and I started off Plastic-free July by cleaning the sink with lemon and bicarbonate of Soda. We know how to live!!

I’m going to need a considerably bigger pot of bicarb!

Not perfect results as the sink is very worn. But the smooth bits came clean. The damaged bits only come clean with bleach so challenge no. 1 is to find a way of getting the sink looking nice.

By no means perfect but the plug came up really well and the smooth bits of porcelain are sparkling. If you look carefully you can see the tap reflection in the second picture!!!!! It smells considerably nicer than bleach though.

2 thoughts on “First day of Plastic Free July ……….🤪

  1. Be careful with the lemon as it is quite acidic for plug holes – the chrome will come off. I buy large bags of bicarb but they are in plastic, irritatingly, from Wild Oats. There used to be a shop where you could buy it loose in St Pauls but that shut a long time ago. So we use Ecover and refill. Not much use for you this month though! I have the same problem with my sink so if you find out how to clean it I will be UBER-interested to hear about it! Lemon juice will also etch into the surface of the sink if left for too long.

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    1. Ah – thanks for that Liz. Whitings in Wells sell big boxes of Bicarb but I don’t know if they are plastic inside. However, the fabulous ZeroGreen in Bristol sell bicarb. You can take your own tub and fill up.


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