Tortillas for tea!!

I’ve recently started making re-fried bean wraps but of course the tortillas come in plastic.

So today I decided to make some of my own. Oh my god – they are sooooooo delicious in a soft white bread sort of way! Why haven’t I done this before. They don’t bear any resemblance to the rather chewy things you get in the supermarket.

(This is a side-effect I have found surprising about doing this plastic-free business. It is taking me out of my usual rut and making me try new things. I haven’t been doing a lot of different cooking lately so this is making me do different stuff and I’m enjoying it.)

Anyway – back to Tortillas. They are so easy – yes they take a bit more time but not that much and you could save this supper for an evening when you’ve got a bit more breathing space. The most time consuming bit is the rolling out.

The recipe is:

  • 400g self raising flour
  • 300mls warm water
  • large pinch of salt
  • 3 tbsp olive oil

Mix all the ingredients together but put the water in gradually until you’ve got the right consistency. Think bread dough. Different flours absorb different amounts of water.

Divide into 8, roll out really thinly to dinner plate size and then fry 1 minute each side. If you want them to stay soft, cover with a tea towel to keep the steam in.

It didn’t go quite so well on the Cheddar front. A friend had suggested the little wheels of cheddar you can get covered in wax. I looked into it a bit and wax seems to be problematic to get rid of and the cheese is so small I will be very quickly inundated with the stuff! Also I bought a couple and they were pretty grim. But the problem has been solved – post to come on success in Morrisons!

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