I want to keep my teeth…….!

Today I came to the realisation that dental care is going to be practically impossible to do plastic free and I can’t not clean my teeth during July.

The problem is I have sensitive teeth.

A few weeks back I bought some toothpaste from ZeroGreen which is great. It comes in a glass pot and has a really sweet little bamboo spatula so that you don’t have to dip your toothbrush into it. It’s not very minty and it doesn’t froth but my teeth feel great after using it. Coupled with some silk dental floss I was cooking with gas!! (Unfortunate turn of phrase I now realise in this age of global warming!!)

But last week my tooth sensitivity came back so I had to return to my usual toothpaste and today I had to restock. Not only does the toothpaste come in a plastic tube but you get a free cardboard box as well – sooooo generous!!!

I’m not very pleased about this, but what I’m intending to do is combine the Sensodyne with the Georganics and see if that keeps my tooth sensitivity at bay. At least I will have reduced my plastic consumption.

And I’ll write to Sensodyne and see what they have to say on the matter.

If anyone knows of any plastic free toothpaste for senstive teeth then please let me know!!

2 thoughts on “I want to keep my teeth…….!

  1. I go to a green dentist, The Natural Smile in Hotwells Road. There you can get bamboo toothbrushes and plastic toothbrushes with interchangeable heads so that is the only bit you are throwing away. The toothpaste they recommend does have a plastic tube, sadly, but it has no chemicals that are nasty in and it does wonders for the gums, and there is a sensitive version. Aloe Dent. She insists on fluoride as it heals small cavities and if you buy it from the internet you can get it with fluorided, from a health food shop, you can’t. The thing I have found very irritating is you can’t get interdental brushes which are not plastic. They all are and must be terribly harmful if they get in the sea. So if anyone has found these I’d be very interested, or some sort of recycling of them.


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