Reality is hitting.

This is not going to be easy!

I’m really enjoying this but it is a big project and it is taking up a lot of my time. This is hard to do and it should be easier.

But anyway – here’s an update.

Yesterday I realised that Rupert’s favourite jam (Mackays Rhubarb and Ginger Preserve) has a huge plastic label on it. Obvious really but just hadn’t noticed before. Thinking about it a lot of jars do – eg. sundried tomatoes from Tesco – it makes the jar look a bit more trendy and you can see through to the contents a bit more. But it’s unnecessary!!

It means that that is the end of Rupert’s favourite jam – haven’t told him yet. So yesterday I made some of my own with the rhubarb I bought the day before. So my first (knowingly) plastic-free jar of jam. (Reused jam jar, rhubarb from greengrocer with no packaging, granulated sugar in a paper bag, packaging free lemon and fresh ginger all from Tesco). I think it’s really nice – we’ll wait to see what Rupert thinks!

Plastic free rhubarb and ginger preserve – but I had to make it.

So that was a success. Although it took quite a lot of time and it could have been avoided if Mackays had put a sensible paper label on their jar!

But today our copy of The Week plopped through the letterbox.

Oh my god – hadn’t even thought of this! Going to have to find a newsagent that stocks it. Or might go and ask in the garage in the village if they order stuff in. I posted this picture on facebook and my cousin said “never mind the plastic – the people on the cover need to be composted!”

This is all quite daunting but I’m finding it really interesting. But my big concern is how to get people engaged who don’t have the time to make their own jam or trail around shops trying to find cucumbers that aren’t wrapped in plastic?

I think I’m going to have to start writing letters. I think I’ll start with Mackays. Something nice and uncomplicated that won’t be too much of a disappointment if I get knocked back. After all I think Waitrose do Rhubarb and Ginger with a paper label – perhaps Rupert will have to go there! (I think that is probably the most middle-class sentence I have ever written!!)

2 thoughts on “Reality is hitting.

  1. I’ve been thinking about this today too. I realised I will have to make my own yoghurt and hummus, bake my own bread and never have crisps again! It is much more time consuming than I imagined.


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