This is going to take some planning!

Day 1 of the planning stage and this morning I was in Bristol as I took Rosanna into school. This is going to change after tomorrow though when she takes her last A level – no more frequent trips into Bristol where plastic-free shopping is easier.

So I popped in to Sainsburys because I thought I would be able to use my own containers to get meat and cheese from the deli counter. Well I could but I would have had a sheet of plastic added to it because the chap said he wasn’t allowed to touch my container because of cross-contamination…….? So I declined. I bought some mince from Tesco the other day and they didn’t use a sheet of plastic so I can go there. So I left Sainsbury’s with just two avocados – not wrapped in plastic but they did have little plastic stickers on. Hmm.

I then went to North Street in Bedminster/Southville (depending who you talk to) – I thought I would try the butcher there. Brilliant – they took my container put the meat in and charged me. No sticker from the till either. That’s Rare Meat Butchers of Southville. No website but found this on facebook

No luck with cheese – everywhere is wrapped in plastic. So thought I would try the deli counter in the big Tesco in Brislington on the way home.

I walked along to the other end of North Street to get some Raisins from the plastic-free shop They were shut!!! Need to factor in opening times! Southville Deli do some loose ingredients so got them from there. Not as well organised as ZeroGreen though.

But I did discover Hugo’s just up from ZeroGreen – a fantastic veg shop where they source local stuff and very little packaging at all. Really knowledgeable about rhubarb husbandry as well!!

I did have an awful realisation last night that I wouldn’t be able to have Strawberries if I was going to stick to my resolution ……. aaaaaagggghhhhh! Chosen Hill Farm has closed and all other strawberries come in plastic. Sure enough in Hugo’s their strawberries were in plastic punnets too. But they were so nice and chatty I shared my desperation with them. They then emptied the strawberries into a paper bag for me. I thought that was cheating but they promised that they would use the plastic punnet again!!

Tesco on the way home was hopeless as they have completely shut the deli counter in that branch. I’ll try Midsomer Norton as they are still open Thursday to Saturday. In the meantime I had to buy some cheddar in the plastic.

What I learnt today was that this is going to take even more planning than I thought. I can’t go driving around looking for plastic-free produce so I need to find out where it is and buy it when I find myself near it.

I have some thoughts about how to do this.

So what did I achieve today?

Plastic -Free

Completely plastic-free – Rhubarb, green beans, Nectarines and Strawberries from Hugo’s. Raisins put into my own jar from ZeroGreen. I also got the mince but I forgot to put it in the photo.


But I did fail on the plastic-free in other departments. Didn’t manage Golden Syrup – it has a plastic seal around the top. Cheese – I gave up and we have burgers for tea tonight so needed to get something. One of the nectarines and all the avocados had stickers on them. Homework to be done!!

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