OK – I need to get ready.

Today a post popped up on facebook from 1 Million Women about Plastic-free July. This originated in Australia but now people are doing this all over the world. The idea is that you log in on the site and say you are doing it. To be honest I don’t know anything else about it but I have decided to give it a go.

Big questions have come into my head already like – what does plastic-free actually mean and what happens when I fall at the first post?

So in the last hour I have had a few thoughts about how to approach this. I’ve decided that I will try not to buy any new plastic. I will reuse plastic that I already have as much as I possibly can. If I fail at all I will carry on but will save all the plastic I buy and keep it until the end of July and see what the damage is. Also I live in a house with 3 and sometimes 4 other adults. I can’t make them do it although I will be encouraging and so I will be working on not buying any plastic myself.

I’ve decided to do a blog because I didn’t want to clog up the The Plastic-free Consumer facebook page and get up people’s noses. But they can read it if they are interested.

I’m hoping some will be because it would be really nice to have some partners in crime and also to get some ideas off people when I am stuck!

The first thing I have done is split the Basil plants I bought in Sainsbury’s this morning to try and make them last longer because I really don’t know how I’ll manage without Basil!! (OMG – what do I sound like?)


4 thoughts on “OK – I need to get ready.

  1. I have basil I’ve kept going looking very pale and almost dead on the kitchen windowsill since before Christmas. Also Sainsbury’s. Am considering joining you. BUT do you realise it means giving up chocolate. Because that is quite a sacrifice. It might be more than I can cope with. That is what keeps me going. Stuff basil. Possibly anything in a jar, as the foil inside the lid usually has plastic attached. Coffee. So I’d have to give up coffee, too. And coffee is the other thing that keeps me going. You’re trying to kill me aren’t you?


    1. This is so hard Liz. I thought I was pretty well prepared to take the plunge. Why chocolate? I’ve done some pretty exhaustive research into this and have come up with some possibilities – if you like good quality dark then any on the Lindt bars I think are ok – Foil and cardboard. And if you want cheap, yummy, milky stuff then the options I have come up with so far are Rolos (foil and paper) and Toblerone (the slightly bigger bar is covered in foil and cardboard). Please don’t tell me I have missed something!

      Coffee you can get from ZeroGreen in Bristol. I can pick some up for you to try next time I’m in there if you want.

      What I’m going to do is try my absolute best in July and anything that I get tripped up on I will keep and see how much there is at the end of the month.


  2. Are they open on Sundays? (I can’t have Toblerone or Rolos, sadly, but I THINK Montezuma’s is just chocolate inside cardboard which is great. I don’t eat anything made by Cadbury’s which is why i usually don’t have choir chocolate because it has orangutan killing palm-oil in. Naomi got some I could have! I forgot to thank her!)


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